Where to Shop for Cheap Clothes in Seoul, Korea

So you’ve traveled to Korea, explored the best K-pop attractions already, and now want the best deals on cheap clothes in Seoul. We got you. With the currency conversion visiting as a tourist, you are already saving big when it comes to clothes shopping in Korea. Of course, there are better places to shop for clothes in Korea if you know where to look and you want to be really savvy about getting the best deals in Seoul. In addition to giving you tips on the best places to shop for clothes in Korea, we will also be giving you some key tips to look out for to optimize your budget and spending. 

Tips for Shopping in Korea

Look Out For The “Tax-Free” Sign When in Korea

Many shops allow tourists with valid passports to shop tax-free when buying clothes in Seoul. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but trust me when you’re there for two weeks and you've been buying hauls of cheap clothes in Seoul, that tax-free option is certainly going to add up. Tax-free in Korea works in a few ways, with the first option as applying the tax-free benefit directly to your check-out order. This means you do not have to do anything as they deducted the tax directly. Option two is a form that you receive after the purchase that gives you instructions on how to get your tax refunded through mobile or at the airport when you return home. For the airport option, there is a specific kiosk you go to that allows you to scan all your valid tax-refund receipts where you will give you back money in the form of Korean won. Here you can spend your remaining cash at the airport for duty-free shopping in Korea. Remember, not everything is tax refundable, only stores that have a sign that indicates they do. 

tax free shopping korea signs found in seoul

Using Cash at Local Markets

While this will not make a difference when you’re shopping in the malls of Korea, this will certainly impact your final price when shopping in the local street markets of Seoul. Often times vendors will omit taxes when you pay in cash, so be sure to have some on you when shopping in these markets. Additionally, it is important to note that some vendors will not even take cards at all. 

Cheap Clothing Shops in Seoul

Goto Mall

Underground subway shops are very popular in Seoul, as many of the major subway stations offer several stores to browse are you commute to your destination. Often these underground shops offer a variety of clothing including tops, pants, hats, sunglasses, skirts, shorts, jackets, and even phone accessories. One of the biggest underground shopping centers in seoul for cheap clothes can be found in Goto Mall. This massive underground shopping center has everything you can think of, not just cheap clothes. They also offer household items, bedding, and more. Of course, here you can find the cheapest clothes in Seoul Korea. Many of the shops sell the same items so prices are really competitive and fair. Be prepared for the crowd when shopping on the weekends as it can get really busy and hot. The underground shopping space spans what seems to be like a circle, but also juts out horizontally, connecting to a really large food center as well. This is the place to be when you’re looking for cheap clothes to buy in Korea and a place we definitely recommend you check out! 

goto underground shopping mall korea subway shopping

Hongdae Shopping Street

Hongdae is home to several universities, and thus the area is filled with a younger crowd. It can get especially rowdy at night with its very active nightlife. By day though, you are met with some really great shopping options that are very affordable in Seoul due to the demographic of the area.  Most of Hongdae offer rather cheap clothes in Seoul but places certainly vary. The Hongdae shopping street is a long and narrow street found in the middle of Hongdae that offer a local market-like experience when shopping. A lot of vendors prefer cash so keep that in mind! Here you can find shops selling hats for as low as $5. There are rows and rows of shops that sell jackets, sweaters, tops, pants, anything, you just name it. The only downside to a local market like this is that there are no change rooms available so shop at your own risk! In addition to being the place to find affordable clothing shops in Seoul, it is also home to a lot of fortune tellers and street food. Definitely check out Hongdae shopping street if you are looking for cheap clothes in Seoul. 

hongdae shopping street in the summer afternoon

Narrow Basement Shops

This isn’t limited to a specific area as these basement shops are found rather commonly in busy shopping areas of Seoul. You will likely see these while walking along the street and notice a narrow staircase often leading down to a massive underground shop. These shops are filled with really great deals and a ton of cheap clothing selections. There are about two in Myeongdong and three or four in Gangnam Station. They go by the names of Mini market, Brand Market, Tomato, and the such. Here you can find a huge selection of turtle necks as low as $5, dress pants for $12, and thick trench coats for only $59. Keep in mind that a lot of these shops do not allow you to try white clothes or tops in the change room. These basement shops do however take credit cards so you do not have to use your cash here. 

There you have it, our tips and recommendation on finding the best affordable places to shop for clothes in Seoul Korea. If you are still itching for more KPop clothes, be sure to check out our collection of Kfashion over at Lychee the Label. Still prepping for your trip to Korea? Check out our post on what to pack for your trip to Korea and what to wear for your trip to Korea to get you started. 

November 25, 2022