The Best Winter Kpop Clothes to Have

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean we have to give up our style. And if you already seen our previous post on How to Rock Winter Streetwear Style, then you know this is true! Fashion is all about adapting and making something your own, and the 2023 winter season gives us so much versatility with the ability to layer, stack and drape. For those Kpop lovers, we have a list of our must-have winter Kpop clothes you’re going to love and want to incorporate into your closet. With that being said, let’s take a look at how we can make winter Kpop style a practical style for the season. Let’s begin!

Winter Kpop Tops Lined With Fleece

Sometimes it’s not about stacking layers and layers of Kpop clothes to keep you warm this winter, rather it’s the quality of an item that can do just that without needing the help of other pieces. Yes, we’re talking about clothes that looks fitted and perfect as they are, but with the hidden element that it’s actually fleece lined so that you can stay warm with just that one piece alone. 

Winter Kpop style top that is off shouldered with slit sleeve and dangling chain strap on red hair model

The Jasmine Off-Shoulder Elbow Cut Out Top is an excellent example of this. At first glance you wouldn’t know it but this top is actually extremely warm. This winter Kpop top is perfect as it still maintains the kpop style, all while keeping you cozy this winter. The top is designed off-shoulder and cropped for that fitted and flattering Kpop stage look. The extra detail of the cut-out elbows and dangling side chain adds that Kpop flare we know and love. We recommend Jasmine if you’re looking for the perfect winter Kpop inspired top.  

Heavy-Duty Oversized Winter Kpop Pants

Another way to represent your Kpop style this winter is to incorporate more oversized streetwear bottoms to your closet this season. The oversized component usually helps keep you toasty and warm, as you can just drown into the fabric. Find a high-quality and thick material that will keep you warm this winter. There are plenty of Kpop street style pants that can look good and be winter-appropriate.

winter Kpop style black cargo bottoms and matching black top on red hair model

The Chardonnay Oversized Cargo Pants is a perfect example of this. These pants are so thick and high-quality, you won’t feel a thing when you step outside this winter. These pants look like your typical streetwear cargo pants, but in reality they’re exactly what you’re looking for in a winter Kpop inspired pants! They have a thick elastic waist band that helps tighten your waist, along with a functional flap pocket, several drawstring detailing, ankle zipper and additional chunky chain. The inner material is lightly lined to reinforce that warmth. Chardonnay is definitely going to be your go-to winter kpop pants this season! The best thing is, Chardonnay Oversized Cargo Pants come in both white and black, with black being the newest addition. 

Asymmetrical Draped Winter Kpop Shawl

The finishing piece to an outfit is often the most important part as it’s what stands out the most. So you better make sure it’s something that really showcases your winter kpop style! Something like a shawl would be a great piece to incorporate into your Kpop winter closet as it’s edgy, unique and streetwear-forward. They’re an outerwear piece that can keep you warm this winter, all while still being stylish and not boring for the season. If a shawl just isn’t your style and you’re looking specifically to rock a winter Kpop style jacket, don’t forget to check out our post on How to Style Korean Jackets for Women!

winter kpop style shawl and strappy shorts on purple hair model

Our Dorayaki Asymmetrical Strap Detail Shawl is a great example of this! The shawl is made of a high quality and thick material that is perfect to layer on top of your Kpop winter clothes. The turtleneck design keeps cozy while the asymmetrical drape cut is made to accentuate that Kpop winter style. Additionally the stacking pleather clasp found on one side of the shawl is an added detail that gives the shawl a lot of character. Dorayaki Asymmetrical Shawl is such a great layering piece to show off your winter Kpop style. 

And there you have it! Our takes on the must-have winter kpop clothes you need in your closet. These are the three key Kpop winter pieces we think everyone who loves Kpop and Kpop style should have! Remember, all these outfits can go a long way with the right finishing touches and accessories. Get some ideas of how to style your winter Kpop accessories from our 5 Winter Accessories You Need This Season blog post! If you can’t get enough of Kpop style, don’t forget to check out our collection of Kfashion over at Lychee the Label where more Winter Kpop clothes can be found. 
January 01, 2023
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