The Best Kpop Valentine's Gifts for your Girlfriend

Valentine’s day is coming up and we know you want nothing but the best for your significant other. Perhaps she’s into K-pop and you want to find the perfect gift that shows your support for her love of idols. Well, that’s really thoughtful of you and you should be proud that you know your significant other that well to go this route! So the question is, what comprises a Kpop Valentine's gift? For us, we think your KPop-loving girlfriend would love a few of the options we’ve picked out and verified ourselves as great KPop Valentine's gifts. The options are quite limitless as there are many KPop-related goodies out there, but for the sake of our top three, these are out favorite options. So with that being said, let’s get into it!

KPop Neon Signs for Valentine's Day 

Kpop Posters can feel a little elementary, and it’s can be easily damaged upon transport. For us, we think you can definitely gift your significant other something that conveys the same energy as a KPop poster but is elevated. For us, we think hanging up Kpop neon signs is an even better alternative. KPop groups now have so many symbols and logos that are associated with their group and image. With that being said, to be able to frame this image that clearly represents the group and have it lit up the room would be such a thoughtful KPop valentines gift idea. BTS is known for numerous different symbols such as the love hand sign, their BTS logo, or even just the word ARMY. On the hand, we have Blackpink which can be recognized through their brand logo, pink hammer concert wand, or even their fan name BLINKS. 

bts neon hearts in rainbow color glowing

KPop Clothes for Valentine’s Day 

An easy and flexible KPop valentines gift option is to gift your significant other KPop clothes. And before you tell us you have no idea where to find KPop clothes, we’re going to stop you right there because we covered all that in our blog post about our Top 7 Asian Clothing Stores. Now back to the topic! KPop clothes for Valentine's is a great option because you can really personalize the type of clothing style she is likely going to wear. In addition to that, there is so much variety when it comes to KPop clothes available out there. Firstly, you just have to narrow down what KPop style clothing she predominately likes. If she’s a fan of TWICE, for example, you might want to search for KPop valentines clothing that is a little brighter, preppy, and youthful. An example of this would be an outfit like our Parfait Top, paired with our Hibiscus Pants. The pink and white color scheme and varsity style really give this KPop-inspired outfit the TWICE style you’re looking for. Another example would be clothes inspired by groups like Aespa, which gives off a more futuristic, digital, and tech-wear style of KPop clothes. In this case, we would recommend clothes like our Gelato Reflective Cropped Bomber, Sesame Cross Strap Bandeau and Tare Thigh Strap Shorts all paired together. Last but not least, we’ll give you an example of styles worn by Blackpink as they are one of the most popular KPop girl groups out here right now. A Blackpink-inspired outfit would entail something like our Espresso Mesh Buckle Top paired with our Truffle Strap Short for a very sleek and intimidating streetwear Kpop style. Knowing the time of KPop group she enjoys and their style would really show her how much you notice and care about her idols and shows thoughtfulness in her KPop valentines present. 

twice kpop inspired clothes in matching pink and white colors on red hair model

KPop Albums for Valentine’s Day

Of course, another really easy but effective gift is to simply gift your significant other their favorite KPop album! Listening to their favorite songs conveniently online is always great, but to have that tangible album you have been listening to and love would really be the cherry on top. You might be thinking right now, getting your hands on KPop albums might be a little more difficult if you’re not directly living in Korea. But that’s not true at all! Don’t worry, we have you hooked up with the best places to shop online for Kpop goodies if you live abroad through our blog post 5 Best Kpop Online Stores to Shop. Here, you can find all the best resources to source your girlfriend's favorite Kpop album and have yourself the ultimate Kpop valentines day gift ready for her. 

bts kpop album valentines gift product shot

And there you have it! Our take on the best Kpop valentines gift and your all-in-one Kpop valentines day gift guide are all laid out here. Which one do you think you’re going to go for? For more KPop-related clothes, don’t forget to check our Kpop Fashion section over at Lychee the Label. Who knows! Maybe you’ll end up finding way more Valentine's day KPop gifts.
January 01, 2023
Tags: kpop fashion