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Black thigh high socks for women with a snug fit, perfect for colder weather.


Black thigh high socks are so underrated when it comes to completing an edgy aesthetic outfit. They are the most low-key accessory with the highest reward outcome when it comes to putting together your cozy Fall or Spring women's streetwear transition outfit. They help finish off an outfit by rounding out all your pieces and giving you a full put-together look from head to toe. The best thigh high socks add layers of dimension to an outfit without any effort. We love to wear our new Charcoal Thigh High Socks with our favourite Lychee the Label skort, skirts, and shorts (with bright colors like baby pink for the ultimate contrast) to give you that Fall season layered women's street style outfit. Even better, throw on a pair of your favorite leather thigh high boots and let the socks peek out for color variation and outfit dimension. These quality thigh high socks will provide that needed grip for the thigh high boots to stay up as well. Our Charcoal Black Thigh High Socks are the ultimate non slip thigh high socks you’ve been looking for! Breathable, warm, and flattering, they are the best thigh high socks for thick legs as they will not make your legs look chunky unlike other overly thick thigh high socks that end up falling due to the weight. These socks are a must have for your closet and will be so versatile when it comes to dressing yourself up for the perfect winter Facebook and Instagram selfie post. These socks are a piece we find ourselves constantly reaching for to mix and match our women's streetwear outfits. These comfy cotton socks provide around 22 inches of leg coverage, measured from the ankle upwards. These socks are highly stretchy but remain tightly fitted to stay up. Buy a pair for yourself or gift a pair to your friend!

Mix and Match

Customer Reviews

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Angel N.

I love these soft thigh highs! The material is stretchy and reaches above the knee. I’m 5’1 and 116lbs and they fit perfectly 💗💗

Good quality socks

I’ve always bought knee high socks but these are actually very good quality than the ones I bought before !

Brenda Q.
Perfect waist fit

Perfect stayed up as expected. I am 5'5" and 117lbs. I have medium sized thighs and socks were easy to put on

Cutest socks

It fits great :) very satisfied with the material it's high quality. Would look so cute on all kind of outfit!

tara j.
Best Thigh Socks E V E R

I've purchased my fair share of thigh high socks over the years but these are by far the best ones I've tried. I have four pairs of these socks!!!

I'm 5' and they definitely go over my knees, but my thighs are pretty wide so they don't go up too high. They do a pretty good job staying up too, though to preserve them I usually just keep them just a bit over my knee. The material starts off a little shiny, but after some washes they get soft and a little fuzzy, but this doesn't decrease the elasticity or anything!

Madeleine E.
Nice and Comfy

They're super comfy, but my thighs are too big for them not to slip down despite the "one size fits all" thing. They look nice as knee-highs, though!

Yessi C.

Great black socks. I wear pants size 6 and they pull over my thighs and stay just fine