Affiliate Program

Please note that at this current moment we do not have our affiliate program active. We plan to give our loyal customers and fans updates should this change in the future.

Lychee the Label offers an affiliate program for our loyal Lychee Girls looking to spread their love for our brand! Sign up for our affiliate program by filling in all the required information and we will notify you if we think you are a right fit for us. After reviewing your application, we will go through your social media accounts for a final check before sending out an approval email. Once approved, you are now a brand ambassador for Lychee the Label. Congratulations! This means you will now represent us and our mission to spread the message of female empowerment and our streetwear style. You will be given a discount code for you to share with friends, family and followers on all your social platforms. How you choose to share this discount code will be entirely up to you. A few popular methods that previous brand ambassador have implemented can be seen below

  • Including their custom discount code in the bio box of their Instagram page
  • Including their custom discount code in the bio box of the Tik Tok account
  • Including their custom discount code in the caption box for a YouTube haul video
  • Mentioning their discount code in a post or video caption that features the clothes being worn, such as a YouTube video or Instagram Story
  • Including the discount code within the specific videos featuring Lychee the Label
  • Announcing the custom discount code on your live Twitch streams on the days you choose to wear Lychee the Label
  • Sharing the discount code on special promotion days through your Instagram stories

This discount code will be a way for us to keep track of your influence and progress along with the amount of sales you have completed. All brand affiliates will receive 10% of every purchase that was made under their discount code. At the end of each month, we will offer your payout dependent on this via a store credit gift code. This cycle automatically continues month to month unless specified otherwise. We have the right to suspend your account if we have reasons to suspect foul play. Your discount code is forbidden to be posted on third party coupon code sites. Should they be found on one, we will have to remove your account and pending earnings. 


This accounts for collaborations across all social platforms including Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch and on any blogging platforms.

We are also open to working with influencers and collaborating on a clothes in exchange for posts basis. All collaboration requests need to be sent to with the subject line as your username and "Collaboration Proposal". Please include a little bit about yourself, as well as your media kit. Media kits should include all your social platforms as well as your statistics for likes, views, and comments per post (engagement rate), demographic, and gender ratios. At this moment we are working with influencers within or with audiences primarily in the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Should we find that you are a good fit for our brand, we will be reaching back out to you for further instructions including post and tag requirements along with time frame expectancy. We will also be sending you a contract to read over and sign for security purposes. Please note that all collaborations that are not approved will not receive a reply as we receive too many requests to reply to all of them. Please refrain from sending multiple requests as we will typically recommend you try again in six months time.

Instagram feature

Looking to get some exposure on Lychee the Label without committing to our affiliate program? Are you a fellow #LycheeGirl? Have the chance for us to share your post rocking our clothes by tagging us at #LycheeXMe for your posts on all social platforms. We would love to see how you choose to style your outfits and share your look with our followers on Instagram. Don't forget to tag us within the post so that we get notified!